Invitation for Pre-qualification - Big Data Framework

Language: EN
Number: 183883
Publication date: 17-02-2017
Source: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)


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Contract type:

Corporate goods works and services

Notice type:

Invitation for pre-qualification (CPU)

Issue date:

17 Feb 2017

Closing date:

03 Mar 2017 at 13:00

The Bank is engaged in transforming its IT landscape from an architecture in which functions are concentrated in traditional “vertical” applications, linked by point-to-point interfaces with a centralised traditional data warehouse, to a modern architecture based on a portal, micro services, big data and visual analytics.

The big data platform will be core to this architecture and will support the acquisition; storage and processing of data of any type and format and be foundational for the Banks use of all types of Analytics including advanced techniques such as Machine Learning.

The objective of this tender is to procure and implement an appropriate big data platform and associated services to develop applications to support the Bank’s strategic IT architecture.

Interested suppliers may seek to participate by completing the pre-qualification questionnaire linked below. The deadline for submission is 13:00 GMT Friday 3rd March January

Prequalification Questionnaire